I Got the Mic: Poetic Experience


Co-Artistic Directors of WACO Theater Center, and Co-Owners of Richard Lawson Studios, Tina Knowles Lawson, and Richard Lawson, are executive producers on the project, along with Philadelphia twins sisters, Eli and Lu Bevins, Co-Founders of Eli Lu Entertainment.

Fixated on wordplay, metaphors, expression, and creative storytelling, “I Got The Mic: Poetic Experience” is a virtual show featuring a Poetry Jam that showcases poets, spoken word artists, and wordsmiths from around the world. Each showcase will consist of a featured poet or spoken word artist, a youth spotlight, a musical guest performance, DJ, visual artist highlight, and a special guest co-host. Additionally, each show will be integrated with segments on “The Evolution of African Culture,” focused on the diasporic flow of Africa’s Influence on arts and culture worldwide. This alignment to I Got the Mic’s programming is for the fulfillment and purpose of elevating and connecting African heritage and culture with U.S. descendants. Season one will kick off with the lens centered on Ghana. Furthermore, the Evolution of African Culture will dive into Ghanaian influenced poetry, literature, fashion, visual art, music, culture, and more.