“SOUND MIND” Cinematic Mixtape Release 4.25.21

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The 411 in Philly:  150+ Actors and Talent in the Philadelphia Region come together for 12-Short Film Project, releasing 4/25/2021 on Youtube.

Sunday April 25th, 2021, Eli Lu Entertainment is set to celebrate the release of their “Sound Mind” Cinematic Mixtape on Eli Lu Entertainment’s Youtube Page. This dynamic project consists of 12 short films that coincide with 12 tracks by West Philly twin sisters and Co-founders, Eli and Lu Bevins, also known as spoken word duo, “Eli Lu.” 

Eli and Lu Bevins have worked with Executive Producer, Derrick Dean and their small production team made up of writers, creatives, artists, photographers, and other filmmakers for almost two years to complete the project. Eli Lu Entertainment also worked with approximately 150+ actors and other talent in the Philadelphia region and tri-state area. 

This cinematic project consists of the following short films and tracks: “Kiss of Judas”, “Breaking Me Down”, “Evil People”, “No Longer Home”, “Habakkuk”, “Same Ol’ River”, “The Epidemic”, “Doors Off Hinges”, “Sincerely, Dream”, “Too Soon”, “Amaryllis”, and “Sound Mind.” 

Rather than shooting in the style of a music video showcasing the artist, the poetic/hip hop pieces focus on the visuals that encourages audiences to pay more attention to the lyrics, message, and thought-provoking storylines. Sound Mind is made up of various genres, subjects and time period pieces with a mesh of spoken word, dance, rap, music, and film. The short films were shot in various locations around Philadelphia such as “The Eastern State Penitentiary,” the historic “Belmont Mansion” museum and “Joe Hand Boxing Gym,” to name a few. Combining various forms of art, Eli Lu targets various social issues such as breaking stereotypes seen in the “Doors Off Hinges” film, to inspire one to love their true beauty, which is the underlying theme in the spoken word folk tale film, “Amaryllis”. 


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