Title: My Dear Arthur

Writer(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Director(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Cinematographer(s): Lu Bevins, Eli Bevins, Kevin Carpenter


A mother suspected of witch craft takes her own life and her son’s to avoid death by the townspeople. She puts their spirits in a painting in hopes to live again through the souls of a couple who purchases the painting 400 years later.

Cast and Crew – Overview

  • Heather Owens
  • Emillio

  • Sydney Franklin

  • Dustin Ritchea

  • Ben Monticue

  • Blake Christ

  • Nick Mitchell

  • Kaden Miller

  • Eli Bevins
  • Kate Peters
  • Kevin Carpenter
  • … Isabelle
  • … Arthur
  • … Jenna
  • … Tim
  • … Angry Townsman
  • … Loud Townsman
  • … Art Buyer
  • … Terrified Boy
  • … Art Seller
  • … Townswoman
  • … Observant Townsman

Additional information :

Location Scout(s): Pallavi Chauhan, Jordan hayes

Editor(s): Eli Bevins

Music by: Scott Buckley

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