Title: ID

Writer(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Director(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Cinematographer(s): Lu Bevins, Eli Bevins

Duration: 5 min


Society may label you based on stereotypes, creating a false identity, but when people take the time to know one another for who they truly are, prejudices subsides. Change starts with a ripple effect.

Cast and Crew – Overview

  • Adryan Zephyr
  • Darian Tanner
  • Eli Bevins
  • Lu Bevins
  • Nick Mitchell
  • Trinity Tanner
  • Black Male
  • Mother Poet
  • Passionate Poet
  • Observant Poet
  • Police officer
  • Daughter

Additional information :

Editor(s): Eli Bevins

Music by: Scott Buckley

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