Title: The Mill Creek Documentary

Producer(s): Cassandra Green

Writer(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins, Cassandra Green

Director(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Cinematographer(s): Lu Bevins, Eli Bevins

Editor(s): Eli Bevins, Lu Bevins

Project Manager: Jim Smith

Duration: 1:04:42

The Mill Creek Community Partnership (MCCP) under its Fine Art Through Our Eyes Community Arts Initiatives with Eli Lu Productions has produced “The Mill Creek Documentary: Past, Present and Future”

Cast and Crew – Overview

Produced & Directed by Cassandra Green
Directed, Filmed, Produced and Edited by Lu Bevins and Eli Bevins
Narrated by – Jacob Duffy Halbleib
Music composed by Simon Wilkinson www.thebluemask.com
Project Manager – James P. Smith
Graphic Design and Art by Lu Bevins

Men of Mill Creek Organization

West Mill Creek Advisory Council Members

Frances Aulston – Founder, President & CEO –
West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance/Paul Robeson House

Leor Barazani – Developer, M.B. Crafters

The Honorable Jannie L. Blackwell — Councilwoman,3rd District

Rose Bryant — Lucien Blackwell Homes Tenant Council President/
Founder & Exec. Dir. Rose’s Clubhouse

Monsignor Carroll – Archdiocese of Philadelphia
(Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Carroll)

Claudine Cooper – Executive Director,
We Never Say Never Organization

Pastor Evon DeLee – Senior Pastor, The Church Down The Way

Pastor Ramona Gaines – Founder/ CEO Styllwaters Café/
Movement Is Medicine – Author

Cassandra Green – Co-Founder & President
Mill Creek Community Partnership

Lu Bevins — Filmmaker/ Fine Art Through Our Eyes Young Artist /
The Church Down The Way

Eli Bevins — Filmmaker/ Fine Art Through Our Eyes Young Artist /

The Church Down The Way

Betty Leacraft – Fiber Mixed Media Artist/ Resident

Michael Johns – AIA, NOMA, LEED-AP-
Chief Operating Officer Philadelphia Housing Authority

Tobias Poole – Broadcasting Professional /
radio station, WRTI-FM- Temple University

Michael A. Rashid – President and Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) of AmeriHealth Caritas

Jean Reed – Mill Creek Resident

Beverly Rouse – Community Activist/Counselor

Angela Simon – Mill Creek Advisory Council RCO/Resident

Dr. Pearl B. Simpson – Author, Professor

Artie Stuart – Brown Educator, Performer, Historian

Tim Warfield Jr. — Jazz Musician, Composer, Educator
Mill Creek is a neighborhood located in West Philadelphia (PA).

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