Eli Lu Entertainment is set to celebrate the release of “Sound Mind,” a Cinematic Spoken Word Mixtape with an online Premiere of 12 short films that coincide with 12 Spoken Word tracks by West Philly twin sisters and spoken word dual, Eli and Lu Bevins, better known as “Eli Lu”. On November 8th, 2020 at 8 pm (EST) / 5 pm (PST), the virtual screening will premiere on Eli Lu Entertainment’s Facebook page, free for the public. The sisters worked with Executive Producer, Derrick Dean, and their small production team made up of writers, creatives, artists, photographers, and other filmmakers for two years to complete the “Sound Mind” project. Eli Lu Entertainment also worked with approximately 120 actors and other talent in the Tri-State area but mainly from Philadelphia.

Due to COVID-19, the original screening was set to take place back in April with two screenings, a red carpet premiere, and an exhibition of artifacts from all 12 films. “Although COVID shut down our plans to premiere Sound Mind to 700 attendees in a theater setting, we hope that our virtual screening will still give viewers a chance to enjoy the project in its entirety. On the bright side, we can now premiere our work to an even larger crowd,” says Lu.

Eli expresses elation for the release, “I’m really excited about the spoken word hip hop pieces that we’ve written because Lu and I worked so hard on being very lyrical and we want our audience to be able to catch the references, punchlines, and storylines that we’ve incorporated in our tracks. It’s all about the lyrics and bars with us.” Rather than shooting in the style of a music video showcasing the artists, the poetic/hip hop pieces focus on the visuals that invite viewers to pay more attention to the lyrics, message, and thought-provoking storylines. Sound Mind is made up of various genres, subject matters, and time period pieces with a mesh of spoken word, dance, rap, and film. The short films were shot in various locations around Philadelphia such as “The Eastern State Penitentiary,” the historic “Belmont Mansion” and “Joe’s Boxing Gym” to name a few. Combining various forms of art, Eli Lu targets various social issues such as breaking stereotypes seen in the “Doors Off Hinges” film, to inspiring one to love their true beauty, which is the underlying theme in the spoken word folk tale film, “Amaryllis.”

The cinematic mixtape consists of the following short films and tracks: “Kiss of Judas”, “Breaking Me Down”, “Evil People”, “No Longer Home”, “Habakkuk”, “Same Ol’ River”, “The Epidemic”, “Doors Off Hinges”, “Sincerely, Dream”, “Too Soon”, “Amaryllis”, and “Sound Mind.”

The 12 short films were all done on a small budget – well, hardly one at all. The small crew believed from the very beginning, they could do a lot with a little, a goal Eli Lu set out to prove. “Our small team means the world to me because we didn’t have much but we had each other. That’s what makes this project so special. We had a main crew of five with extended crew members who joined us on multiple films when possible. Everyone was in for the long run and anytime we ran into an issue or a setback, they were solution-driven. Finding a solid team is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to independent filmmaking. But we found that team. I’m honored to have shared this experience with this crew and all the talent that touched this project. ” Lu said. “When it comes to indie filmmaking, there’s always been a narrative that you need a really large budget and expensive equipment to tell and show a good story. This thought often deters people away from filmmaking if they don’t have access or resources. It may seem like an impossible task. But with just a camera, recorder, and a few lights, we produced 12 quality short films. It’s very possible to make your dreams real at any level you are at.” Eli adds.

Facebook: Eli Lu Entertainment
Instagram: @elilutwins | @soundmindmixtape

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