SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Singer, Budda, releases his EP, “FourLetterWords”

I: Hello Budda, first off congrats on your EP, “Four Letter Word!” Thank you for being our Spotlight of the Month. So, tell us a bit about yourself and who you are.

B: Hello!! Thanks, I really appreciate it and I’m more than excited to be apart. Well my name is Budda a lot of people know me from Mprynt. I’m from southwest Philly, raised most of my years in upper Darby and I been singing since I was 7.

I: “Four Letter Word” is an EP you recently dropped. What was your motivation behind this project and what does it mean to you?

B: Yes, “FourLetterWords!” Hmm, my motivation behind this project… I’ll start by letting you know the meaning behind fourletterwords which is LOVE & F**K. I honestly feel like it’s a lot of music out but not enough of men expressing the way they truly feel about a woman. In this Ep, I’m telling you everything that you wanna hear and may not hear from your significant other. I’ll get on my knees and cry for you if I have to. A lot of men got too much pride. And I can also please you in every way!

I: How would you describe yourself as an artist? What makes you different?

B: I’m truly one of a kind and all my music is real I don’t sing about things I haven’t been through or have. It’s all real with me. Plus, I feel like we lost that real RnB it’s a lot of rappers wanting to be singers and a lot of singers wanting to be rappers. I’m sticking to the basics but in a cool way I sing, I sing! No rap, all cool vibes.

I: Looking at where you are now, where would you like to be as an artist in 5 years?

B: In the next 5 years I’ll definitely be out of the hood, me and my family, but I wanna leave a mark behind I want to make a future for the kids who don’t have that support system or money to do so I’m all about giving back. So, I plan on opening a few community centers with a lot of different activities to keep the kids out the streets..

I: Nice! Who inspires or inspired you musically?

B: My family inspires me but musically I’ll have to say Boys II Men, Tyrese, Dru Hill, Jamie foxx, Tank, Jodeci, … the list goes on.

I: So what’s next for you? What do you have planned?

B: My plan is to do a lot of promoting for this EP!! So look out for a lot of live performances and come if you can! I actually have a couple shows coming up at warmdaddy’s on November 15th and December 12th at pubwebb it’s nothing like an up close and personal performance you get the real me!

I: Alright, we have a few fun questions for you. First question, what was your first record, tape or CD that you owned? 

B: Wow, my first cd that was mine!! Jodeci (forever my lady) my mother gave it to me (laughs) I know it sounds crazy but she knew how much I loved their music even though I wasn’t old enough to understand lol.

I: if you could work with any artist in the industry, alive or deceased, who would it be and why?

B: I would work with Marvin Gaye, Teddy P, Drake, Denote from Jodeci… trust me, it’s a lot more people.

I: It’s your turn for Karaoke, what song are you going to sing?

B: Tyrese, Sweet Lady.

I: Last one, if you could perform anywhere in the world at any event, where would it be and why?

B: If I could perform anywhere I would have to say Madison Square Garden. That’s a place I’ve always dreamed about performing at!

I: Where can everyone find you online; tell us where people find your music to support?

B: You can find me on Facebook at Budda blaqq, IG, at lax_budda, YouTube Budda blaqq, and SoundCloud Budda blaqq. Subscribe,Like,Comment and follow me. Be sure to go download that EP “Fourletterwords” streaming on all digital platforms! Thanks again for having me, it means a lot!

I: Budda, thank you so much for your time and best wishes on your future endeavors!

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