The Philadelphia Philm Factory (Film Factory) is a new initiative developed by Eli Lu Entertainment to help the Independent film community gain experience, exposure, and obtain various financial opportunities through film programs, events, and competitions. We want to cultivate a film community of like-minded individuals, from above and below-the-line talent and crew. Through the use of competition, the Philm Factory provides a fun environment for Independent film community members to challenge themselves creatively.

Each month the Philm Factory will post competitions tailored to the independent film community. Participates will have the opportunity to submit for competitions that suit their interest. From the special effects artist who can turn a human into a walking corpse to the set designer that can turn your grandmother’s basement into a prison cell for Hannibal Lecter, the Philm factory will cover it all!


The Philm Factory’s “Monthly Monologue Competition” 2019 allows submissions from non-union actors to submit 1-2 minute monologues for a chance to win $300 and other prizes and awards. Participants can choose their own written monologue or one from their favorite movie or play. Registration fee: $15 standard, $10 Filmfreeway Gold members.

The Location Scout Competition

Participants are given a prompt and a storyline. With the storyline, participants must find a location that they believe best fits the story and take pictures of that specific location. Somewhat like a scavenger hunt for locations in your city/town. The participant that submits the best photo that fits the storyline will win 2 movie tickets.