“Sound Mind” is a cinematic spoken word mixtape by Eli Lu. In parallel with each track, there will be 12 short films that visually represents each spoken word/rap piece. Rather than shooting in the style of a music video showcasing the artist, the objective is to focus on storytelling and visuals that will draw the audience into paying more attention to the lyrics, message and storylines.  Combining various forms of art, Eli and Lu will use this platform to discuss issues regarding race relations, crime in correlation to poverty, breaking barriers, betrayal, the crack epidemic that plagued Philadelphia in the late 80’s, the state of the black family/businesses and more. Although this project contains heavy content, the goal is to inspire, enlighten and ignite conversations that will provoke action for change.

Broken Tables is a thought-provoking spoken word stage play by Eli Lu Entertainment in association with S-Type Productions and  Mill Creek Community Partnership (MCCP); that focuses on the history of the black family structure and its transformation over the decades. Six poets will play the roles of various generations within one family from the late 1800’s to the present time. It’s a play on words with minimum props to bring the storytelling to life. The showcase will dive into the many facets such as historical events, poverty, war, drugs, welfare, and much more that has greatly impacted and altered the black family.